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Brought to you with a distinctly devilish air.

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I have a truly ridiculous WIP folder for Sid/Geno, so in the interest of cleaning it out, WiP Amnesty! I'm now down to only 3.5 unfinished fics I still think I might finish some day. That's reasonable, right? Of course right.

Sid and Geno do ColumbusCollapse )

Sid and Geno go to SochiCollapse )

Sid and Geno have an understandingCollapse )

The one where Sid wants Geno to re-sign to PittsburghCollapse )

Alternate Ending bits to Make This Place Your HomeCollapse )
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Title:First Day of My Life
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Summary:The first girl Sid ever falls in love with is named Rachel Forbes. When he first meets her, she’s four weeks old, pink, and squishy-looking. Objectively, she’s kind of ugly, but she’s so tiny when he sees her in the incubator at NICU, and he’s never seen a baby that small.
Notes:I feel like everyone I have ever talked to has agreed that what fandom needed was a ridiculously id-tastic Sid and Geno have a baby fic, and yet strangely enough no one would write it. It was a conundrum that haunted me until I was about a quarter of the way through this and realized I was writing it. Then I hated myself a little. So here, this is as close to id!fic as I get. I'm not even going to apologize or claim great literary merit here. Sometimes you just need babies, you know? Babies, man.

Thanks go to my eternal cheerleaders novembersmith and duchessofavalon, as well as the intrepid beta work of twsomething, missmollyetc, and my BFF who isn't even in this fandom but really enjoys correcting my grammar. Also thanks to my parents, who were in no way involved in this, I just want to thank them for not murdering me, since I was a way worse baby than Rachel and also a twin. But most of all, thanks go to thefourthvine, who let me borrow copiously from her own baby stories, helped me keep Rachel realistic, and informed me in explicit detail about how terrible parenting is (while making it sound super great and rewarding).

Find it here on Ao3.

Soundtrack: First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
You Make Me Happy - Lindsey Ray
Sonata No. 8 - The Innocence Mission
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Title: All Happy Families
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Rating: PG
Summary: For a long time this GDoc was titled "Taylor Crosby is Objectively the Best" because, well, she is and I really wanted to write fic about her. So I did. Also, blah blah this is fiction blah blah may not reflect actual family members blah blah your mileage may vary.

Thanks to the usual cheering section, and especially to thehoyden both for the beta and also for having all the Crosby family feels all the time always.
Here on Ao3
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Title: Make This Place Your Home
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin (some Evgeni Malkin/OFC)
Summary: Geno feels like the world should look different now, now that he knows both what it's like to kiss Sid and that he likes it. But the parking lot's still the same, his car keys are still heavy in his pockets, and the Stanley Cup still isn't theirs, so maybe nothing has actually changed at all.

For some reason, that seems like an even scarier idea.
Notes: Okay so first off, this fic comes with major warnings. First Warning: If you are bothered by infidelity, either implied or emotional, hit the back button now. Also, if you don't like real life girlfriend-type people being brought into fic, hit that back button. Second Warning: I feel like this should be implied in all fic, but I want to underline even more explicitly this time because there's a lot of latent homophobia on the part of the narrator - I do not agree with everything I have written in this fic. Nor do I think think this fic is representational of a) everyone who shares characteristics with people in the story or b) is necessarily even representational of people in the story. It's supposed to be an internally consistent and logical piece of fiction. That is all.

This fic could not have been written without the constant hand-holding and beta work of thehoyden, thefourthvine, and missmollyetc, all of whom are amazing and I owe so much to. Big thanks also go to everyone I consulted on or sent anything (I can't even remember who all of you are - there are that many of you) and also to my tireless
cheerleader duchessofavalon.

And finally, thanks to my BFF, who not only doesn't care about hockey but reads my fic anyway, but who left me some really hilarious notes while I was writing that I have screencapped for posterity.

Posted HERE on Ao3

SoundtrackCollapse )
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So this genre meme was going around tumblr and I decided to do it for Sid/Geno. Only I went WAAAAAAY over one sentence and then subsequently cut Hurt/Comfort because WHATEVER, THOR, I DO WHAT I WANT.

Drabbles of everything from the one where they slow dance to the one where they're Hufflepuffs to the one where they're actual penguins.Collapse )
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Title: The Limited Circle
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Summary: “The limited circle is pure.” - Franz Kafka (Or: Six Times Tazer Was an Introvert and Kaner Was Pretty Cool About It.)
Notes: I started this eons ago for liketheroad because of our shared love of Jonathan Toews' clear introvert tendencies and sadness that they were never explored properly, then forgot about it, then re-found it and was like "hey, I'm almost done with this". So for my darling, even though she isn't really in this fandom anymore. (I love you!)

Thanks go to staraflur and thehoyden for whipping this into shape, and duchessofavalon for assuring me that it didn't suck too much to post. (I love you guys too!)

HERE on Ao3.
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So the inherent tragedy of primers is that they get outdated, eventually. I realized this after creating my initial Geno primer. I tried to keep it somewhat updated as I found new links to old things (if you haven't seen it in a while, check it out! I add stuff constantly), but eventually I decided that keeping up with Geno is going to have to be an ongoing labor of love. Which, I mean, I do anyway, so I'm not that upset about it. Plus, now that a lockout is upon us, we're all obviously going to need to know how to get our Geno fix while he's playing in Russia.

Note to self: I should probably learn some Russian.

How Geno Spent the Rest of his Summer Vacation And Where You'll Find Him NowCollapse )
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Title: Don't Call Me Crazy, I'm Happy
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Summary: Or: Five Times Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin Acted Super Married (And One Time They Sort Of Were Super Married).
Notes: I had a few snips of Sid and Geno being all married and established relationship-y (because fuck everyone, I love established relationship and am taking you all down with me), and I made the mistake of telling this to sharksdontsleep, who tricked me into finishing this by making me chatfic the entire thing, and then go "oh, crap, I'm writing this, aren't I?" and she laughed at me a lot. Begrudging thanks go to her, and if I got anything wrong about Pittsburgh, it's her fault, because she basically made me write all about it.

Also, big thanks to thehoyden for beta-ing and telling me how the crap I was supposed to finish this thing, and assured me it was not too cloyingly cheesy, because otherwise it would not exist. She is a gem and a wonder.

Written/Finished as part of the Anti-Lockout Squee Fest.

Here on Ao3
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